What distracts us from worship?

As a pastor of creative arts, my job is centered on the Sunday morning worship experience.  I must confess sometimes the desire to have a “successful” service can actually distract me from true worship.

Sometimes, my focus is on the excellence of the music and media rather than on the power and presence of God Himself.   I do believe seeking to do our best is certainly what God is deserving of, but if our aim becomes style over the truths we are trying to communicate, we have clearly missed the point.

I believe our prayer team has a crucial role in creating the environment for worship.  Every Sunday morning they pray throughout the entire building.  They ask for God to be revealed in His power, and presence.  They pray over the children and youth ministries and for the adult small groups and then pray for all our worship services.  I truly believe this group is one of the main reasons God is moving so powerfully in our midst, week after week.

Getting in touch with God.

Jack Hayford writes, “Prayer helps my heart, mind and soul focus on the meaning and direction of worship.  I make prayer a priority because it dissolves the distractions of worship.”

The same is true in my life.  Prayer focuses my heart on God.

Remember worship is not a spectator sport; worship is a contact sport.


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