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We want our men's culture to be one where each man embraces that:

"I am the men's ministry"

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"I am willing to invest in relationships with other men."

"I recognize that ministry occurs as we live life out together."

We want to facilitate confident spiritual leadership such that each man can say:

"I know where I stand with God."

"I know enough about His Word to guide myself, my family, and my friends"

Therefore, StoneBridge's Men's Ministry occurs wherever StoneBridge Men are-- at church, at home, at work, on the softball field, in a duck blind, on the golf course, in a bass boat, etc. In other words, our Men's Ministry isn't just a ministry for men -- it's a ministry of men and it reflects the diversity that implies.

We recognize that each of our men has been created with unique personalities, abilities, interests, backgrounds, and experiences, and that with each life stage their responsibilities change. All of these affect how our men implement the C2 concept in their daily lives.

StoneBridge Church and its staff are here to promote and facilitate the implementation of the C2 concept in such a way that every man is made alive in Christ as Paul describes in the Book of Ephesians. All activities, events, processes, and projects for StoneBridge men are designed to promote the C2 concept.

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Legacy Outfitters:  Enjoy the outdoors with other guys and pick up a few skills along the way.

Men's Softball:  Whether you're a Great Bambino or just Squints Palladorus, we've got a team for you. Click through for teams and registration info.

Disc Golf:  The prettiest links this side of Magnolia. 18 challenging holes and ongoing tournaments. Come test your mettle on our chains!

Woods and Water Kids: Dads and kids, enjoy the great outdoors together while growing in your relationship. Click through for more info at W&WK's site.


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StoneBridge Missions:  Find out more about a wide variety of opportunities for serving and sharing Gospel hope both locally and throughout the world. 

"In Case You Missed It" Podcast: Each podcast covers the same material that was covered in the weekly Men's Bible Study.  We hope these serve to help you stay up to date or just refresh your memory of what was discussed.  Let us know what you think!

Men's Bible Study:  The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospels are proclamations of God's victory over sin and Satan.  Matthew presents Jesus of Nazareth as the long anticipated Messiah King to his primarily Jewish audience.  Jesus' ancestry is traced from the royal line of Israel; his birth is dreaded by a jealous earthly king; the magi bring royal gifts from the east; and John the Baptist heralds the King and proclaims that His kingdom is at hand.  Join us on Thursday nights at 7:30 or Friday mornings at 6:00 in Room 110 of the main building.  This study is intended to model how you might study the Bible on your own.  It is perfect for those that are brand new to Bible study but is in-depth enough for the more advanced as well.  For a sample, check out one of the podcasts of the study called "In Case You Missed It".

No registration required-- Just come!

For more information,  contact Clay Dewees.