Encouraging parents of special needs children and young adults to worship and be renewed together is the philosophy behind this ministry.

Masterpiece consists of two Sunday morning classes upstairs in Room 207. The 9:30am hour is targeted towards PreK through 6th grade students; the 11:05am hour is targeted towards High School students through young adults. Masterpiece students participate in ability-specific groups where curriculum is sensory-driven. The 9:30am curriculum mirrors and is modified from the Children’s Ministry lesson taught that day.  Curriculum in the 11:05am classroom is a Lifeway curriculum which takes students through the Bible in five years.

Masterpiece always needs volunteers. Contact Lisa Thompson at cdlsmom@att.net  for details and to place your child in Sunday morning class.


Fab Friday is a respite night for parents of high school students and young adults in our MasterPiece Ministry. Click Here to plan your next Fab Friday!