Flood Relief





Do you have new, almost new or slightly used furniture, kitchen appliances or other furnishings that you want to donate to families rebuilding their homes and lives? Then please sign up on our Furniture and Appliance Registry, and we will match your items with needs from many who were flooded in our community. When registering your items with us, please include pictures if possible. Thank you for your generosity!




Would you be willing to purchase items like dish towels, hand mixer, potato peeler, dishes, or other standard household items. We are currently collecting basic household items for several families in our care. We have created a gift registry at Walmart with all the basic items we are planning to provide as these families return to their homes.  Any items you purchase may be shipped to the church or brought into our church offices for distribution to our families.




Funds collected in the disaster relief fund will go straight to families in our area affected by the storm as well as efforts to restore homes and areas.  Follow the link below to give.  Thank you for your generosity!




We are working with our neighbors and community members to rebuild and recover. If you have a heart for service and wish to volunteer we have a few ways you can help.

Join the Volunteer Registry where you can sign up, indicate your preferred area of service and talk to one of our team leaders to join the effort. Click the button at the bottom of the page to start the process!

Once you are on a Team, you will receive email updates as to current projects available for you to peruse and sign up for, at your convenience.




Though most homes have been cleared of debris and are drying out at this time, we still have some homes that need help disposing of what was left in their front yards after the trash was picked up. Also, some houses need some of their landscaping removed from near the house to allow the home to dry out properly. Current projects involve limited weekday offerings with the majority being scheduled for the weekend. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, consider signing up for this team.


As homes begin to dry out this team does not mind helping the reconstruction take place. Sometimes that means opportunities to install sheet rock, or build cabinets, but other times we are looking for those who don’t mind painting a room or two. Current projects involve limited weekday offerings with the majority of our work projects being scheduled for the weekend. If you are handy with a tool or paint brush, you should consider signing up for this team.


We need two different types of folks for this team. One type is happy to provide financial support for items we need to purchase for our families in need. The other type is great with lending a hand when needed. That could be sorting and packaging our Family Gift Boxes, or picking up furniture from a donor and taking it to one of our families as they move back in their home. So if you have a big truck , big pockets, or just a big heart this team will be perfect for you.


So many of our families are doing life without a kitchen, and this team has been so generous to provide hot meals for them. Whether it is dinner at night, lunch at the work sites, or cooking and serving up meals for the various ministry teams that are being housed at our church each week, this team brings a lot of love and receives a lot of thanks from us all. If you don’t mind the kitchen, this team could be just right for you.


As various mission organizations are planning trips to our very doorsteps this year, we continue to house people each and every week. Though most housing is provided within our church walls, we can’t actually provide housing everyday of the week. Usually on the weekend, as we prepare the church for services our host home families have been generous to open the doors of their homes to these missionaries from around our country. If you have an extra room or two, this team could be just right for you.