During Destiny, did you know we will serve over 2500 bottles of Gatorade, 700 pounds of grapes and 2500 bags of Popcorn. Not to mention the Ice, 3000 ziplock bags, 3000 baby wipes, or any of the coaches and volunteer snacks that will be provided.  So it goes without saying that we appreciate any of these items you are willing to purchase on our behalf, whether you are willing to make a trip to the grocery store or simply give us the cash and let one of us run to the store.  Somewhere, somehow, all these items have to be purchased for Destiny Sports Camp. 

Not only do we provide snacks everyday, but we also incur expenses each year as we seek to upgrade our camp.  From better and more permanent signage to new sports equipment, we are constantly examining new items that allow us to provide a better experience for our campers and their families. 

Regardless of how and if you decide to help support the financials needs of Destiny, thank you for looking at this page and considering donating in any capacity.

Here is a sampling of the items you can purchase for us at Camp:

Green Grapes 3lb Clamshell... cost is $8.99...Item  No. 725545 at Sam's Club

Huggies Baby Wipes...1160 count, cost is $24.99 Item No 567022 at Costco or 864 count, cost is $18.27, Item No 423825 at Sam's Club

Ziplock Bags, 50 count, Quart Size... cost is $3.96.. at HEB

Ziplock Bags, 90 count, Snack Size... cost is $2.98 at HEB

Action Bibles, these have been purchased in bulk, for $16.99, you can help by donating money to offset our cost.