Clark Kent on Crack

In preparation for teaching Ecclesiastes by King Solomon, I have been reading “31 Days to Happiness” by Dr. David Jeremiah.  I highly recommend it as a personal devotional.  In it, he recounts a story from Lawrence Taylor’s book, LT: Over the Edge.  In it, Taylor says, “When I was on the field, I was Superman.  It was almost like I operated on a higher plane . . . But when I came off the field, something happened.  LT became Lawrence Taylor, and Lawrence Taylor was completely clueless.  Like Clark Kent on crack.”

What was LT clueless about?  I think like a lot of us, he didn’t know what to when he left the playing field.  Do you?  When I was consulting with businesses, which I did for most of my career as a Partner with KPMG and later as an independent consultant, that was my playing field.  I loved it!  And I was really good at it.  But when I came home to my wife and two daughters, I often felt “completely clueless”.  They did not want a “consultant” to analyze and fix their problems.  They wanted a Husband and Father to listen to them, love them and care for them.  I was not nearly as good at those things.

Men, our new C2 approach is designed to provide support for you – no for US.  We are in this together and we want our Culture among men to reflect that.  And we all want to gain Confidence, both on and off the field.  If you have not gone to our Men's webpages, check them out.  Please read the explanation of the C2 concept and make some decisions about how you might be able to participate in becoming one of the C2 men StoneBridge.

Clay Dewees


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