The Boss from You Know Where

          For the first 25+ years of my career, I took pride in the fact that I always had great professional relationships with my bosses.    Then, as I was hitting the last 10 years, those years that should have been the “icing on the cake”, I found myself working for a boss who seemed to do whatever he/she could do to make my work life miserable.  This boss also made the very seasoned professionals around me miserable.  As a senior HR Director, my office turned into a turnstile of angry and sometimes tearful colleagues.  

          Confronting the issue appeared to be the only way of achieving an outcome that I could live with.  The normally subtle advice, cajoling and persuasion techniques were of no value.  I had used up all the tools in my professional toolbox and so “head on” was my next option.   And I was ready for the challenge!

          I prepared my script with care and thoughtfulness.  I talked to several confidants about my mission.   The best advice I got was to start my prep all over again and begin with prayer, prayer and more prayer.  Such a basic “Christian” thing, but I needed to be reminded!!  Why do we so often forget these basic principles for walking with God?

          I did finally let the Holy Spirit guide me in my approach.  And the outcome was so much better than what I had personally planned.  Yes, I did confront the situation, but how I did it was much more balanced, thoughtful and beneficial for everyone involved.   In the end, I survived . . . but getting through the process also prepared me for the worst kind of response if it came.  For some reason, I was not worried at all if that was the outcome.  And I was once again reminded of the importance of prayerful preparation in tough times.


 Coach Glenn Gilchrist


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