"Walking the Fence"

                I was in business for myself for about 16 years.  No employees.  I was a business consultant.  Strategy, process improvement, reorganization and just plain old business problem solving were my core services.  I absolutely loved working with my clients.

             You have probably seen the cartoon with the guy in a suit holding a sign that says, “Will consult for food!”  That image was not funny to me.  Fortunately my practice never got to that point.  However, there were many times when I would be in my office thinking, “Is this really about what God wants me to do, or is this just about what I want to do?”  Sometimes I wondered if I was putting my family and our future in jeopardy as I worked my network and waited for potential clients to respond. 

            I would describe those times as “Walking the Fence”.   I imagined myself on top of the cedar fence in my backyard walking on the 3 ½ inch wide top board.  On one side of the fence was “Faith”.  On the other side was “Irresponsibility”.  Many times I questioned which one was driving me.  It always felt like a balancing act, and I constantly prayed for God to keep me from falling on the “Irresponsibility” side of the fence.

            If you are in business for yourself, I bet you have felt the same way.  Making decisions that you know may have lasting impacts on you and your family.  Not sure whether you are being faithful or irresponsible.   I have always said that nothing has the ability to promote dependence on God and maturity in a Christian man like being self employed. 

            Is that you?  Then I recommend a regular dose of my “Two-by-Four Prayer”:  “God, if I am being irresponsible here, you may have to hit me with a two-by-four for me to get it because I think I am following your lead in this and want to be faithful to your direction for me.”  Then patiently listen - and be prepared to take the blow if it comes! 


Coach Clay Dewees


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