My Wife Wants Out

        My wife decided to go find herself. She said she did not want to lose me, but she also did not want to be my wife anymore.  No matter how hard I prayed or pleaded with God, it did not seem to help. 

        So what do you do when you find yourself in this situation?  How long do you try to save the marriage?  How do you know when it’s truly over and time to move on?   These were the questions that kept me awake at night.

        For me, the answers to these questions came from studying what the Bible says about these issues, praying a lot, getting good counsel and patiently allowing the Holy Spirit to work it out.  As my wife was wrestling through her own feelings about continuing our marriage, God had a journey He wanted to take me through that helped me grow as a “man of faith”.

        Eventually, my first marriage did end in divorce.  It was very difficult for me to accept.  But I came out the other end with peace and a knowledge that I did what God wanted me to do to give the marriage every chance to mend.   Today, I can still take you to the overpass on 610 where the Lord released me to move on with my life.  And over time, He helped heal all the wounds and regrets.

        Today, I have been married for 28 years to a faithful woman.  We are now empty nesters, having raised 3 great sons.   I truly believe the Lord blessed me in my second marriage as a result of how I walked with Him as my first marriage crumbled around me.  I was humbled in many ways through that experience and learned a lot about what a Christian marriage should be like.  Maybe most importantly, God helped me become the “spiritual leader” of my family.


Coach Glenn Gilchrist


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