The Choice to Downsize

        Certainly to most local realtors, downsizing in The Woodlands, Texas, sounds like an oxymoron.  In the early 2000’s most people didn’t move into or within The Woodlands in order to find a smaller, less expensive home.   The Woodlands is the place to move up! 

        In 2001, my executive position with a downtown Houston .com start-up company had been terminated along with my entire staff due to loss of venture capital funding.  In response, I started my own company which required a lot of focus and self-funding for the first few years.  We were still living in our big “Emerald Homes Executive Series” 3,050 square foot home with a heated swimming pool and hot tub, a separate HVAC unit for each of two floors, and a metal gate across the driveway!  Our kids were pre-teens and thriving in their schools, swim team, and church.  My wife Lisa was also thriving as an at-home mom, part-time swim instructor, and as a church volunteer. 

        During that first year of self-employment I did a lot of praying, career soul-searching, and reading of  scripture as well as reading Christian books focused on men’s issues such as “The Man in the Mirror,” by Patrick Morley.   Lisa and I had decided together that I would get off the fast-track of chasing executive positions all around the country, and would instead try and make something work locally so we could maintain some stability for our family.  That decision meant that we had to make some major adjustments financially.  One of our first major decisions was to sell the executive house and downsize to a much, much smaller house that was only one story, with one HVAC unit, no gate, and no pool…  Not as impressive, but what a blessing.


Coach Steven Umbach

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