When God Doesn't Answer

All of us have gone through periods in our lives when we really want something.  It could be about a job, a mate, a solution, a problem, more patience, better health, guidance, kids, parents, spouse, etc.  You take it to the Lord . . . but no answer comes back.   What do you do?  Jesus tells us to ask Him for answers in Luke 7:11, “How much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him.”  But you asked and got no response. 

Nehemiah wanted to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the wall around the city.  He prayed to God for months before he felt comfortable approaching King Artaxerxes with his request.   There was good reason to believe that his request to leave would be denied.  Instead, however, the king not only granted Nehemiah’s request to go, he provided security and building supplies for the walls! 

I wonder if Nehemiah’s first prayer included the security and supplies that the king provided.  I wonder if Nehemiah thought that his prayers were not being answered during those months he was praying.  Could it be that when our prayers are “not answered” it is just God’s way of encouraging us to persist with our communications with Him so that He can align our wishes with His plans? 

It has been my experience with the “BIG requests” in my life that they change over time.  The first time I talk to God is very different than later on in the process because my perspective changes along the way.  Prayer, Bible study and reflection enable God to affect my view of the situation and my prayer often shifts from what I first prayed.   

So just because it appears that God is not answering, don’t stop asking, digging in the Bible, talking with other believers and listening for God to realign your desires.  He may just want to respond in a more comprehensive way than you have imagined.  Just like He did with Nehemiah.

Coach Kirk Novak


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