We're excited that you're interested in baptism. We believe that baptism is an important step for every person who is following Christ as his or her Savior.  Being baptized is your way of saying to others that you are a Christ-follower.

Remember, Jesus took this step Himself. He asked John to baptize him (Matthew 3:13), and He later instructed every follower to be baptized. (Matthew 28:19)

We consider it a privilege to help you take this important next step in your spiritual journey.


We offer baptism on the FIRST WEEKEND of each month.  Adults and children 12 years and older can schedule their baptism online.  Once scheduled, adults will be contacted  to discuss the baptism details.  

For more information, contact Ellen Reagan at ellen.reagan@sbridge.org.

Do you have a child under 12 desiring to be baptized?  At StoneBridge, we believe in a Believer's Baptism, which means that a child must be old enough to make a decision to follow Christ.  We also believe that parents are the best determiners of a child's heart to follow Christ.  Parents need to locate a "Leading Your Child to Christ" booklet located upstairs in any childrens kiosk or in Guest Services.  Parents need to go through this booklet with their child.  There is a page in the booklet for the child and the parent to sign.  After completing the booklet with your child, please email the correct ministry leader (listed below).  After emailing the ministry leader, a parent and the child need to bring the signed paper to the ministry leader.  The ministry leader will then register the child for baptism.

Children Ministry Leaders to contact about Baptism after signing the booklet:

Birth - Kindergarten - For information on Baby Dedication please go here.

Kindergarten - please email Kim Young

1st - 4th Grade - please email Christin Humeniuk

5th & 6th Grade - please email Stephanie French